n. Either action, comedy, suspense, drama

Following the pampered ego spring/summer 2013, Linea Rosa 2013 fall/winter shoes to follow international fashion trends, new product with deep blue and purple tones, combined with exotic rose. Fall/winter 2013 designers, namely "I am Linea Rosa I love Rosa", "2nd Anniversary second anniversary", "impression of Modern Reflection of modernity", "Crystallized Rock splash rock drill", "Rose by Linea Rosa LR rose", "Modern Armor hip armor", "Se new balance 991 mens xy beast sexy beast," " Irresistible Classic irresistible classics "," Punk Glam punk glamour, "" Snow Boot snow boots "as its theme, using vibrant colors, metallic decorations, materials, performance practices, deductive fashion during autumn and winter. Baximeilisha jelly shoes (Melissa) jelly shoes for fall/winter 2013, to the seventh art known as "film" inspired by cable, source of inspiration from the different styles, learn from the best color and creativity, 2013, during autumn and winter per pair of shoes with your feature film to be surprised. Baximeilisha jelly shoes (Melissa) jelly shoes for fall/winter 2013, to the seventh art known as "film" inspired by cable, action, comedy, suspense, drama, romance films in different styles, such as source of inspiration, learn from the best color and originality, per pair of shoes this season brings you feature surprises. From the elegant high heel shoes, fashion boots, cute comfortable flat shoes, every jelly shoe has a lot of details that are so hard to fight.

Baximeilisha jelly shoes (Melissa) shoe fans are anxiously awaiting a quarterly new listing, as spectators lined up at the movie theater to see a movie premiere, and worth the wait! Bright yellow embroidered camouflage green color, the military gray and full of life. Inspired by action movies, baximeilisha jelly shoes (Melissa) will shape not only the heroine from the streets looking for inspiration in the wind, the realism of the characters features highlighted two major trends of the fall/winter this year: the movement of wind and military style. Tone of light and bright colors are the subject, sunshine and joy of Barbie pink, transparent blue and sketched a picture of light picture: youthful and confident they liked the ice cream shops and restaurants that make fun of favor their boys. Inspired by the comedy, our story takes place in the 60 's London, is filled with futuristic and fun, highlighting the shoes of every detail of the design, as well as combining perfectly with the joyous tone color. Calm, wise senior teal and timeless black and white establish the tone of the subject is, you never know who is this mystery woman, anyone she could not resist her. The idea was inspired by minimalism, subtle textures, calm down, brilliant tone, into one with a big imagination.

Listing of new products like x-ray in fashion circles. Baximeilisha jelly shoes (Melissa) story is the type of fresh the movie genre, the main trends of the fall/winter is "doctrine": the movement such as minimalism, racism, militarism, and so on. Either action, comedy, suspense, drama is a romantic piece, Premiere is important part of the box-office Sprint. Learn the true colors, bold use of warm yellow, rich brown, deep blue, as well as a good deal of noble gems. Hero is a dramatic, emotional. She likes things that strongly, love bold exploration of all the remarkable things. Extend to the design, rivets, as well as strong color combination of retro decor. In the movie under the influence of this season's heels are dramatic and influential fashion items. Ten series models have their own characteristics, so changeable Linea Rosa, no  new balance  matter what occasion, without considering the environment is constantly changing, as long as love for the beauty of life at all times, anyone can have their own Linea Rosa, turn around and let people slam Fashion Star. Classic clover adidas (adidas Originals) autumn/winter 2013 City Marathon PT vintage will be "Berlin", "Chicago," "New York," a series of three new market. Named after the famous Marathon City City Marathon series, matching each city distinctive color scheme.

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